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Sith Empire
Some of our recent videos from Explosive Conflict and Terror from Beyond Operations.

Explosive Conflicts:

Video: 1St Kephess HM fight
   Video: Mine Field EC HM
   Video: Firebrand and Stormcaller EC HM

Terror from Beyond (level 50)

Video: TFB HM Withering Horror
    Video: TFM HM - The Council
    Video: TFB HM - Operator IX

    NEW! Relics of the Gree:

    Video: Xenoanalyst II HM

    Public Test Server:

    Scum and Villainy:
    Video: Dash'roode
    Video: Titan-6
    Video: Thrasher
    Video: Oasis City Infiltration
    Video: Dread Master Styrak

    Rise of the Hutt Cartel
    Toborro's Courtyard (Makeb):
    Video: Golden Fury SM

    COMING SOON: Scum and Villainy on LIVE, TFB at level 55!
Guild News

Rise of the Hutt Cartel Early Access - April 9th!

Obansik, Apr 4, 13 7:38 PM.
Get ready for Rise of the Hutt Cartel! If you preordered early enough, you'll have early access starting April 9th. Everyone else, you get it April 14th. Expect us to be leveling to 55 in groups and running more raids again - for actual XP for once! And soon enough, we'll be hitting up Scum and Villainy at level 55, and the new, harder TFB at level 55.

Be ready! One double XP weekend left, and then it's live!

Expansion is on the PTS

attackgypsy, Mar 14, 13 4:29 AM.
The new expansion 2.0 is up on the PTS. You can do a character copy from the website, and follow the PTS instructions from there. Its a long download, but you'll see some of the changes. Makeb is not in yet.

Double XP Weekends!

Obansik, Mar 13, 13 6:05 PM.
Starting this Friday, March 15, SWTOR is doing double XP weekends leading up to the release of Rise of the Hutt Cartel!

This will start Friday at 1 PM CDT and run til Monday 2 AM CDT. XP gains are multiplicative - meaning that if you have legacy XP boosts and an XP gain buff on, you will be earning a whopping 310% XP!

The Double XP Weekends are:

March 15 - March 18
March 22 - March 25
March 29 - April 1
April 5 - April 8

This is a GREAT time to level your alts (or your main if you don't have a 50 yet)!

March to Makeb


Obansik, Feb 14, 13 12:14 AM.
We are now accepting donations to continue to fund the mumble server and to keep this site ad-free. If you cannot afford to donate, please don't worry about it, you are under no obligation here.

Saints of Pain Mumble/Website Donations

What not to do on kephess HM

Enyia, Feb 11, 13 8:04 PM.
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